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Damaged 7S11 received from US eBay shop.

Packing was very unapropriate!

It was in a cardboard box from a printer cardridge, which was much too short for a 7000 plugin. Box was sealed in a white plastics foil, but rest of the packing was the worst i ever seen.

The box was much too short. Here the sides, where the knobs and the back panel came through. No damping material on the sides and only a thin air filled plastics foil around (if i remember correctly, or nothing at all).


The 7S11 does not fit in the box with out pressing it in! (I removed the side panels for the fotos, they are ok)

No damping material at front and back panel! Otherwise it would not have fitted in the box at all.


Here the obvious damage. More damage may be found later. The back panel is completely broken. Residues are in the box.


The DC offset potentiometer assembly went apart, due to presure to the knob. Maybe the mountig is broken too, as it does not sit firmly. It does not rotate smothly and seams to be electrically destroyed.

The S-2 sampling head looks ok.

USPS does handle the packages not to bad, otherwise there would be more damage to this lousy packed 7S11!

All the seller said up to now (to my (addmittedly harsh complains) was:

"Hey man, cool your jets..... Please return this item for a full refund."